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Art Therapy eLearning and supporting media tools for teachers

eLearning and supporting media tools for teachers.

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This is Art Therapy eLearning and supporting media tools for teachers.


The course focuses on how mobile Learning with Digital Technologies in Museums, Science Centers and Galleries and tablets is modernizing outdoor education. We show you how to take learning outdoors to rural and urban locations but retain many of the resources of the classroom in your pocket. Many useful applications will be presented with emphasis on teaching students in archeological sites and museums in Greece based on Ancient History monuments of great importance. Educators will be in position to further develop their own scenarios based on their countries specific educational curricula in a wide cultural area start form technology to art. Furthermore educators and theirs students will be able to build identity and community classes through collaborative and creative practices.


Adopting methodologies for Learning with Digital Technologies in Museums, Science Centers and Galleries where the educator can use appropriate technologies to attract student’s interest and maximize their performance as learning is a process of active engagement with experience. Trainer will follow a structured hand on training course that will provide all necessary methodologies to prepare digital lesson and use them in every day school life, and develop an understanding of the potential role of digital technologies. This is important as lifelong learning and access became key targets, so the role of learning specialists began to change.

Learning Outcomes

Teaching outside the classroom; in an urban, rural, local, national and European context. The educational material is based on landscape interpretation, outdoor experiential education and mobile technology, and is provided free to all learners in a form of a practical implementation manual-textbook. The ultimate aim is to create tools for learners which will strengthen European cultural identity. Our objective is to train a body of professional educators from different disciplines, giving the skills and competence needed to produce and use mobile learning material in outdoor education.



Welcome, getting to know each other, introduction to e-learning and media tools.


Tablets in the classroom and outdoor - application examples and practice.


Making stories audible - Simple methods for audio projects and podcasts


Digital Game-Based Learning: Knowledge transfer through computer and video games - application examples and practice.


Project management, the theory of change in social innovation initiatives.  Designing Digital Educational Scenarios.  Laboratory Practice - Evaluation


Guided tour in Naupaktos / Agion city, surrounding villages and natural sites.


Free Day (departure of participants attending the basic course).


Digital storytelling, combining the art of telling stories with a variety of multimedia.  Design 


Full Project Creation – Study in Museum Day One : processing images and videos to create a single game based on a storyboard.

DAY 10

Full Project Creation – Study in Museum Day Two: Development of a complete-learning lesson based on blended learning technique.

DAY 11

Empowering art with digital tools, how to get funds from the European Union.  Presentation of financing programmes and case studies. Evaluation and Firewall party.

DAY 12

Departure of participants.

Cultural Programm.

In the northwestern part of Peloponnese, the city of Patras is the capital of the region and an important commercial port of the country. The newArchaeological Museum of Patras, the church of Saint Andrew and the Fortress of Rio are some of the attractions visitors must see, while a strollalong the Rio-Antirio Bridge is a unique experience, along with participatingat Patras carnival cultural events. There are many points of interest in this region including the Vouraikos Canyon and the rack railway, the Monastery of Agia Lavra and the Monastery of Megalo Spileo (Big Cave), the Cave of the Lakes and the Museum of Sacrifice bythe People of Kalavryta. The main attraction in popular Kalavryta is the skiresort.

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If you are interested in submitting any kind Erasmus+ KA1 project proposal, we support you in preparing and submitting the application to your National Agency.  We have developed a set of guidelines for the preparation of the KA1 e-form, which we provide with no additional fee.  All the activities andservices are fully covered by the grant received by Erasmus+ if the project is approved.

We are Flexible.

We act as receiving organization and accept students, teachers and staff any time of the year.  Courses are offered in corresponding target group format.  Each course is structured so that it ispossible to attend the basic level (20 hours in 6 days) or the advanced level(40 hours in 12 days).  Courses are offered starting from March to November.

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Innotomia is an expert and skillful training organization, using educators with vast exercisein the field of initial, continuous and permanent Vocational Training.  We certify every mobility experience with the issueof Europass Mobility certification and a certificate of attendance.


20-24 Mar 2023

10-14 April 2023

24-28 April 2023

15-19 May 2023

22-27 May 2023

12-16 June 2023

26-30 June 2023

10-14 July 2023

24-28 July 2023


Course fee

€ 340,00/week


HB SR: € 85,00/day 

HB DR: € 60,00/day/per 

FB SR: € 95,00/day

FB DR: € 80,00/day/per

1 day guided tour included. Optional visits to Olympia and Delphi on request.

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